Saagor is located in the heart of Penarth, a minute's walk from the town centre. Originally the building was trading as a butchers shop but was eventually taken over by us in 1999. Saagor has successfully been serving the local community as well as areas such as Dinas Powys, Sully, Llandough & Cardiff Bay for more than a decade.

Saagor is more or less a family run business. The staff have been together for many years and their relationship has become as close as family. With time the chefs and other staff have bonded and created a quality, efficient and effective team. They all work in tandem with each other and this is the reason why quality food is produced every time.


We are always looking to support our local community here in Penarth by getting involved with charity events. More recently we were involved in raising funds "Raise the roof for Africa" which was held in Paget Rooms, Penarth. It was an extremely successful event which raised significant funds.

CLICK HERE to view allergy table.

The Head Chef - 'Chef Naz' has been working hard over the years, developing new ideas and dishes to keep our customers very happy and fascinated by the new dishes that we introduce to the menu. The selection of dishes available are extremely versatile, ranging from the extremely mild to the rich & pungent.

Chef Naz has recognised that the locals are continuously developing and broadening their palate. He has been pushing the boundaries of Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine by diversifying the menu and introducing unique dishes. An example of this is the introduction of regional cuisines is Satkora. Satkora is made using a wild orange named Melanesian Papeda which is generally grown in north-eastern Bangladesh. This is a fruit which the local Bengalis would use in their home cooked curries to give it that unique flavour and aroma. Up until recently this wild orange could not be found any shops, but it is quickly becoming a favourite.

Chef Naz has also identified that people are becoming more and more aware of their health and are keeping a close eye on their weight. As a result he thought it would be a good idea to introduce healthy dishes like Daal Chicken. Daal Chicken contains whole mong lentils mixed with turmeric. The combination of the two have huge health benefits as they are high in fibre and high in anti inflammatory properties.

We have always been catering to our custoimers needs. In particular customers with various food alergies and certain conditions such as Coeliacs etc. We are aware that around 2% of adults and 7% of children suffer from food allergies. The 14 foods listed in the UK as allergenic include nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soya and fish. These foods are usually harmless but they can trigger an immune reaction such as a rash or swelling, and even death in severe cases, if they are eaten by someone who is allergic to them.As a consequernce, when required we prepare an allergy-free meal by carefully checking the ingredients including ready-made sauces and mixes. We also ensure we do not use equipment such as spoons and chopping boards which have been used earlier to prepare anything containing nuts. Please follow the link for a table that we have created with useful information regarding our food for food allergy sufferers.

The ingredients used are always the best quality available. All herbs and spices are fresh and sourced from local reputable shops. Bangladeshi/Indian people know the key to a great curry is fresh quality ingredients! We put extra effort in preparing our meat and poultry, for example our lamb (mutton) is not processed meat, it is cut and prepared at Saagor. The lamb (mutton) on the bone is delivered to Saagor by our reputable suppliers and then is cut and prepared by our skilled staff. The ingredients used is 100% the best available as its the same ingredients the Bangladeshi/indian community eat at home!

Over the past decade we have tried and tested various different ingredients & sampled different techniques in cooking. Using the skills and knowledge that we have developed over the years we created the perfect blend of ingredients and spices cooked with precision.